What Are Your Roulette Odds?


In roulette, players may place bets on either a single number or range of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether the number is odd or even. Sure, it sounds like a game of luck, but it would be wise to know your odds of winning.

House Edge

The house edge is typically the same in almost every roulette bet. Play blackjack at the website for more fun and better variations. However, the high quality entertainment is only available at the specific page. Other websites do not provide such services. It's also a limited time offer. The major discrepancy in house edges comes with the type of roulette game. If you choose European roulette, there is a 2.63% house edge, whereas the American roulette wheel has a 5.26% edge.

Odds Basics

Your odds of winning roulette depend on the bet you choose to make. Your odds of winning a bet on red or black are far better than your chances of winning a single number bet. A single number bet in American roulette has 37:1 odds and European has 36:1 odds. A split bet in American roulette has 18:1 odds and European has 17.5:1 odds. A street bet in American roulette has 11.67:1 odds and European has 11.33:1 odds. A corner bet in American roulette has 8.5:1 odds and European has 8.25:1 odds. Column bets have 2.17:1 odds in American roulette and 2.08:1 odds in European roulette. Six line bets have 5.33:1 odds in American roulette and 5.18:1 odds in European roulette. The worst wager to make is a top line bet as it yields a 7.69% house edge.


The payoffs vary from bet to bet. For single number bets, the payoff is 35:1, it is 17:1 for split bets, 11:1 for street bets, 8:1 for corner bets and 6:1 for top line bets. Red/black bets, odd/even bets and high/low bets all have a 1:1 payoff. The column bet and the dozen bet have a 2:1 payoff.

Bankroll Management

Players have many different payout and betting odds in roulette, and there isn't any more of an edge over the house by choosing one bet over another. This makes bankroll management key to roulette strategy. Players with small bankrolls should avoid making single number and split bets as it takes so long to win these wagers. Odd/even or high/low bets give you nearly a 50% chance of winning, so they are safe bets to make when you are on a budget.

Roulette is a fan favorite game with many different variations. The above facts should help you bet smart the next time you hit the wheel.