UK Bingo Operators - Five Tips from the Fans


Many of the bingo tips people read about online are designed to help them improve their gameplay and win more frequently. These tips, however, are directed toward the bingo industry in the UK and will hopefully spark some ideas.

Tip #1 - Fewer Objects on the Screen

While online gaming has certainly come a long way, there are some instances in which flashing lights, moving objects and noise are not welcome. Bingo is one of these instances. People want to simply focus on their cards and the numbers being called.

Tip #2 - Provide Tutorials

Instances in which a bingo provider offers several different variations of the game can be confusing to new players. Operators should provide short tutorials for each and every type of online bingo game on offer.

Tip #3 - Provide Instant Updates

Any website or software developer can provide the same reasons why people should do business with them, but nothing is better than actual real-time updates. Leaderboards, top prizes and even upcoming games would be a plus.

Tip #4 - Limit the Ads

People who want to join the online community will join the online community; those who do not want to join will not. One offer to join per page is adequate. Six or seven is overkill. Limit the advertisements, but provide players with easy-to-find ways to join--if they choose to do so.

Tip #5 - Make Free Trials and Promotions Easier to Find

Everyone enjoys a free game of bingo here and there and people like to take advantage of bonus offers. Operators that hide these bonuses or put them in tiny print at the bottom of the page seem cheap and unwilling to provide their players with a little something extra.

These are the top five complaints among players in the UK bingo industry. With a few tweaks and a bit of attention to detail, any bingo provider in the country could find themselves heads above the rest.